ISO 14001 Environmental Safety Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is the standard that aims to reduce the use of natural resources and to minimize the damage to water, soil and air.

What is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System?

It is an undeniable fact that the nature in which people live is rapidly disappearing with the developing industry. Environmental pollution, which is caused by many reasons such as the increase in the world population, the rapid development of the industry with technology, the reduction of living spaces, the destruction of nature, is one of the most important problems that threaten human life and reduce the quality of life, especially in the last twenty years.

Environmental pollution, which was seen as only local pollution before gaining an international dimension, has rapidly increased and has become more than just a regional one, affecting the whole world. Today, as a result of the increase in environmental awareness, one of the requirements for maintaining its existence in the global market has been the value given to nature as well as the value given to human beings. Today’s consumers want care not only for the goods or services they demand, but also for nature and the environment. For this reason, environmental standards and international legal regulations addressing the environment have been started to be implemented in order to minimize the damages caused by human beings to nature and the environment. In this context, the standards published by ISO aiming at the protection of nature and the environment are called ISO 14001.


 Benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System


SO 14001 Environmental Management System ensures that companies use natural resources and minimize the damage they cause to nature as a result of their work. In the last ten years, companies that are sensitive to nature and the environment in the world; It has been observed that their prestige on consumers and therefore on investors has increased. The implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System shows the importance given to nature and sustainable development, and therefore companies are more preferable for consumers. In addition, it has been observed that companies that use the Environmental Management System effectively have decreased their expenditures as a result of the decrease in natural resource consumption. In addition, it is seen that insurance expenses decrease with the decrease in the events resulting in liability.


  • As a result of the effective use of natural resources, costs decrease and productivity increases.
  • It increases the quality of the workplace and, accordingly, the morale of the personnel and increases the loyalty to the company.
  • Consumer confidence is increased due to reassurance that responsibility is taken for environmental management.
  • By identifying potential danger situations, there is a decrease in incidents resulting in loss of life or property, as it is prepared for emergencies and accidents.
  • Thanks to the training given to the personnel, the environmental awareness of the employees is increased.
  • Compliance with national and international legal regulations is ensured.
  • Costs arising from environmental effects are reduced.
  • It reduces the events that result in liability, thus reducing the costs of liability insurance.
  • Pollution arising from company activities is controlled starting from the source and pollution is reduced.
  • It makes it easier to enter markets where green production processes are important.
  • Increases prestige nationally and internationally.
  • Facilitates obtaining permits and authorization documents.