Technical Consultancy

In a variety of sectors such as food, chemicals, textile, you can benefit from the service of a technologist working within PROCESSTURK for the formula, production method, production equipment, production stages for the desired product. The general responsibilities of our technical staff whose expertise is related to the specific sector chosen are as follows;

Selecting and researching methods, techniques and strategies to support the sector for educational purposes
Assuring the design and development of processes or tools to be used in facilitating learning can lead to the implementation of the required quality systems developed at every stage of the production.
Providing support to team members of the technical department, the design team, and product managers during production stages
Making necessary arrangements for non-conformities encountered in production
Closely following material properties, trends and supplier developments,
Making physical and chemical analysis to evaluate the health and quality of food or beverages based on a specific sector such as food production,
Conducting research for the quality improvement of the products to be produced,
Preparing the necessary graphs, tables and documents for statistical evaluation