The tomato processing platform where all the equipment is brought together, you can produce low capacity products in small areas.

This platform has processing capacity 250 kg tomato per hour.

With condensate system, it keeps all the quality at a high level by the way It processes product at 36 brix.

Completely made of stainless steel and cleaned easily.

· Tomatoes are poured into the conveyor pond. Here, the conveyor goes to the tomato crusher unit.

· Tomatoes are first crushed and then shell seperation. The tomato water is taken to the
heating tank.

· Pre-heating tomato juice at 75 ° C. is taken to

· Tomato juice boiled in vacuum at 55-60 ° C turns into paste.

· Tomato boiling takes approximately 6-8 hours. The tomato paste is then poured into the pumped tank under cooking.

· With the filling head on the right side of the platform, any packaging can be filled if

· All control valves are manual. All electrical materials is include.

· There is a mixer in the heater tank. This prevents product adhesion.

· Air water boiling system is available for better cleaning of the tomatoes in the washing

· Cooking Boiler Bottom You can perform continuous level tracking with upper level glass.

· It also has a spiral for removing the shells from the platform under the shell separation and chopping unit.

· Steam boiler, Nylon bonding equipment is included.

· Steam boiler Works by coal and naturalgas selection. (optional)