Working at Height Training

OBJECTIVE:  To inform those who carry out and/or manage these studies on safe working rules, methods and techniques in all works carried out at heights that may pose a danger according to the ground level, in order to implement them.

2 days (16 hours) 8 hours of theory + 8 hours of practical


1-  The Concept of Working at Height and Its Legal Dimensions

  1.1 Definition of working at height
  1.2 The risks of working at height
  1.3 Legal requirements and regulations
  1.4  Occupational accidents

2-  Structural Features in Working at Height

  2.1 Free working at height and its risks
  2.2 Working at height with machinery and equipment and its risks
  2.3  Possible accident risks and types
  2.4  Industrial Working at Height

3-  Precautions in Work at Height

  3.1 Equipment and working at height equipment and its use
  3.2 Features of equipment and varieties
  3.3 Continuity of protection and safety of equipment
  3.4  Precautions and techniques to be taken in working at height with machinery and equipment
  3.5  Precautions and techniques to be taken in free working at height

4-  Implementation-oriented behavior development (application)

  4.1  Equipping of equipment and equipment
  4.2 Double and triple control of the equipped equipment
  4.3 Creating horizontal and vertical lifelines
  4.4 Safe movement and relocation in lifelines
  4.5 . Abandonment of height
  4.6 Removal and safe protection of equipment

Maintenance department workers, electrical and fluid installation manufacturers, Firefighters, construction workers, anyone who may work at dangerous heights from the ground, and managers in charge of these jobs.

NOTE:  Content can be developed or subject flow times can be changed in line with the results of the needs analysis.