Lid Equencing Machines


Presenting this cutting-edge automatic lid stacking machine, backed by your company’s reputation, it’s the perfect solution for lids of all sizes. This machine operates with advanced automation technology, offering a capacity of millions of lids while adhering to industryleading quality standards.

Key Features

  • Pinnacle of Automation: This machine operates entirely automatically, minimizing operator intervention and enhancing productivity.
  • High Capacity: Designed with a capacity of up to millions of units, it smoothly handles large production volumes, accelerating your production line.
  • Customizable Design: Tailored to match your business requirements and easily adaptable for varying capacity needs.
  • Error-Free Performance: Ensures flawless and dependable lid stacking with each operation, preserving product quality and boosting customer satisfaction


  • Food Industry: Ideal for lid stacking processes in the production of jams, pickles, honey, sauces, and other food products.
  • Chemical Industry: Provides a reliable solution for packaging chemical products.
  • Health and Beauty: Suitable for stacking lids for health products, cosmetics, and more.


  • Labor Savings: Automation allows for efficient utilization of your workforce and reduces operator errors.
  • High Efficiency: Fast and error-free lid stacking processes increase the efficiency of your production line.
  • Flexibility: The machine can be customized to accommodate various lid sizes and designs, helping expand your product range.
  • Reliability: Manufactured in compliance with industry standards, this machine offers long-lasting and reliable performance.

Technical Features Of The Product

  • It works with sensor control.
  • Speed control is done.
  • Compatible for plastic and metal caps.
  • No air system is required.
  • Production is made according to different cover sizes.
  • The speed of the machine varies according to the cover specifications.
  • Depending on the type of cover,high-capacity machines are produced.
  • It is suitable for arranging the lids of containers used in the fields of Food,
  • Beverage, Pharmaceuticals,
  • Chemistry, Cosmetics, Detergent.
  • Operating Voltage : 230 V
  • Power : 370 W
  • Cover Dimensions : 30-90 mm
  • Body : 304 Stainless Steel TEC
Packaging Available For Filling
  • Glass Jars
  • Plastic Food Packaging
  • Plastic or Jar Oil Canisters
  • Large Volume Drums