Configuration of all production lines

Step by step for production control panel service: 1. Learn the details of the product to be made
2. Development of a detailed review, analysis and report of the product
3. Production of a report by our consultants
4. Development of the plan by our project engineers for the production park
5. Ask manufacturers for machines required for the production fleet
6.Visit supplier factories and decide on the best solution
7. Summarize the result and share the offers with the client
8. Submission of proposal for approval and contracts
9.Sign the contract with manufacturers
10. Monitoring and approval of the production process by our engineers
11. Test the process with all machines together at the end of production
12. Develop sample products
13. Management of packaging machinery and logistics operations
14. Machine installation and commissioning procedures
15. Training for product production
16. Give trainings on using the machine
17. Make a product sample
18. Supply of spare parts and training in use
19. Provide required training for remote connection and support