Technical Service And Commissioning

PROCESSTURK’s basic approach in technical services is to provide its customers with the fastest, most reliable, most accurate service, the most economical way, and it continuously makes investments in order to improve its services, to provide technical service service diversity and to closely follow the constantly changing and developing technology.

Our technical service is equipped with all necessary equipment and spare parts. Our company offers a comprehensive technical service against all problems that may occur after the assembly and commissioning of our projects.

The guarantee starts from the date the projects are delivered to the customer. During the warranty period, the malfunctions, repairs or complete parts replacement and the workmanship related to the breakdown that may arise from the manufacturing, assembly or material in our projects are covered by PROCESSTURK without any charge from the customer.

If you are unable to produce due to malfunctions in your facilities that are not made by PROCESSTURK, the details and analysis of the fault are made by our technical team and intervened on site. Our expert team provides commissioning service by intervening in your factory in matters such as commissioning of machines and starting production in your facilities not made by PROCESSTURK.

Our technical service provides services all over the world.